Privacy Policy

Adult Entertainment Store really appreciates the trust you put in us when you make a purchase from us and register with us. We seriously take the privacy of your personal information into consideration and always keep your order information, history and other data strictly private. or any associates will never misuse your Personal Details. Personal information refers to information that relates to a person when directly or indirectly combined with other information can lead to identifying that person. This could be named, billing address, email, phone number, age, sex, etc.

All the customers’ data is guarded well for discretion, we may collect your personal and financial information such as your bank account details and credit /debit card information, uses all this information to secure your payments for the products orders you have placed with us. We provide door to door delivery of products at your doorsteps and never reveal it to someone. The product to be delivered is always packed discreetly in a box and billing is not under the website name.

Data We Collect and Use

The information and data found on our website and collected from our customers are solely possessed by This information will be kept confidential and will not be shared, rented or sold to anyone under any circumstances other than disclosed in this statement.

  • We never sell customer’s information to any third party companies.
  • We will never give share your email address or any other information unless it is utilized for internal business plans or R&D only with the aim to exercise and process your orders and to serve you in a better way.
  • We will always maintain the privacy and security of your information and data: your data is completely secure with us and not even our employees can access any of it.

Customer Registration

Customers who desire to register with us will need to provide us a unique username, password, and an optional email address. After you sign up we will be able to contact you regarding the products and services we provide.

Filling an Order Form

The order forms will allow us to request customers to provide us some of his financial and personal information such as name, billing address, and card number. This information is important for processing payment and transaction handling. Trust us, all this information will not be leaked out to anyone under any circumstances or will not be used for basis other than trading.


Cookies are small pieces of information stored by computer’s internet browsers to assist a company keep track of customer’s preferences and learn about the browser and operating system used while making the transaction. This information will be knowingly provided to us by customers. generally does not use cookies but occasionally use them for collection of technical and demographic data if required.